Don’t Deport Me Scotty

Wow — a Star Trek spoof as a political education tool — now we’re talking!

Afghanistan is Just as Bad as Iraq

It’s just that we talk less about the violence and destruction of our occupation in Afghanistan. I am growing concerned about Obama’s stated interest in escalating our occupation of Afghanistan, when just as in Iraq, we need to acknowledge the limits of military solutions to international problems. Code Pink is concerned too, and sent out… Continue Reading

Why Provoke Iran? Do We Need More Wars?

No, we don’t need a war with Iran. As if we haven’t created enough problems occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, now we’re going to blockade Iran? What purpose does a blockade serve except to provoke them? True Majority sent me this action alert about opposing HR 362. And United for Peace and Justice has called for… Continue Reading

Youth Should Not Be Locked Up With Adults

The NYTimes has written an editorial in support of the re-authorization of the Juvenile Justice and Delinqunecy Prevention Act, a law designed to set the standard for the protection youth who are accused of crimes. It’s apalling that we would even consider locking up teenagers with adults while they are awaiting trial, and yet, states… Continue Reading