First Step: Here’s the website

Welcome to my site to help build support for the Portland City Council that will tell George W Bush that Portland wants to bring our troops home from the occupation of Iraq and redirect funds away from the occupation and towards local needs. The resolution is on the agenda for November 30, 2006, so I’ve got just under four weeks to reach my goal of mobilizing 1,000 Portlanders in support of the resolution.
Anytime I try to get anything big done, I find it helpful to start by making lists of what I need to do. So, I’ve started making some lists to figure out how I’m going to reach 1,000 Portlanders. Lists like:

  • Friends that I can ask to join me
  • Things we can actually do to get support for the resolution
  • Information that I think people will want to find on this site
  • Sources for facts and perspective on the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Library books that are due (If I get really busy with this project, I don’t want to wind up with $50 in late fees)

Rather than wait to have everything and then create the site, I’ve decided to just get the site started and add content over the next several days. I will also likely change the look of the site once I have more content done. If you’re stumbling across this site and I haven’t set you an email, well, aren’t you the lucky one! But, this is all there is so far. Check back soon, or better yet, visit the AFSC page to explain the resolution






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  1. Katharine Avatar

    Yay, bean!! What a great idea. I’ll start contacting people today.

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