My First List of Things We Can Do

I’ve started thinking of things that we can do… here’s my initial list:

  1. Make a flier that people put up in their windows or in their cubicles or in their cars or favorite restaurants.
  2. Make a bumper sticker that people can put on their cars or their guitar cases.
  3. Make a postcard that you get people to sign and mail to the City Council.
  4. Generate emails to the city council in support of the resolution.
  5. Do a fundraiser for the AFSC’s peace and justice campaign so they can continue this work beyond this month.
  6. Arrange for a group of people to show up at City Hall at the hearing on November 30th (I’ll be there, having a great birthday).
  7. Ask a public figure that you know personally to talk about the resolution at a concert or book reading or something.
  8. Make very cool, hip t-shirts that everyone wants to be wearing to show that they are sick and tired of invading other countries.
  9. Host a home screening of “Iraq for Sale” or one of the other films that show the true impact of the occupations and do one of the things listed above.
  10. Write letters to the editor in support of the resolution, or get a message on the radio (KINK, for example), or post something on your blog.

Of course, I only know about two people who blog, but maybe now some of my friends will start blogs… any of you who want to make the official flier, let me know. It’s also been suggested that we come up with a cool tagline for the flier. I’m still working on that.






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