We’re Getting the Word Out

From what I can tell, we’ve managed to:

  • Send hundreds of emails to Portlanders promoting the resolution. At least ten people have told me that they’ve emailed anywhere from ten to 260 people (I think most people are closer to the ten-person mark).
  • Collect about 150 signatures in person. I’ve been turning over petition sheets to the campaign as we’ve been collecting them. I personally gathered signatures at the Portland Farmer’s Market and outside the NW Portland Trader Joe’s. People were for the most part appreciative and pleasant, with many people taking buttons to wear or fliers about the hearing. I also know people have collected names at their church, workplace, and one concert.
  • Leave fliers anywhere I go that has a bulletin board or a counter. Me and my assortment of friends have dropped around 250 fliers (the cute quarter-page ones with the portland peace dove).
  • Create a specific flier about why occupation is bad for public health (thanks, Elizabeth).
  • Mention the resolution at at least three Thanksgiving gatherings.
  • Begin sending emails to the Mayor and City Council members in support of the resolution.

Now I’m turning attention onto turnout for the hearing this week, with some more emailing, including a call for people to email their support directly to the Portland City Council.
My best estimate is that I’ve only activated about 200 Portlanders. Shoot, 800 to go. But, I’ve asked my friends for an update this week, so I’ll post an updated number when I have it. I want to keep working on this anyway, it just may take longer to reach 1,000 people than I thought.







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