Yes, I am Edward Pimental’s sister

The Associated Press tracked me down for their news story about the release of Eva Haule, one of the Red Army Faction members convicted for my brother Eddie’s murder in 1985. She has been locked up since 1986, and is being released Tuesday.

I only had a little time to talk to my mom on the phone before we issued a statement from the family. We agreed to focus on what we agree on: that we love Eddie, we still miss him, and we’re still grieving. But, apparently, we are all taking different lessons from his murder. I won’t go into that more now, but here’s a link to the AP story as it appeared in the Army Times :







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  1. golem 18 Avatar
    golem 18

    denk an dich und hab deine zwei hunde mit dir gehsen ich kann leider nicht so gut schreiben hab legastini ales gute für dich und deine familie ob hier oder im himele bis irgenwan vileicht ciao ©g18

  2. William Zimmerman Avatar
    William Zimmerman

    I believe this release is a slap in the face of Edward’s family, other army soldiers, and all citizens of the US. The German Courts seem to have more concern for the ones who committed the crime than they do for the victims. None of these people should have ever been released from prison. As a former soldier who was in Edwards old unit in Wiesbaden I know what is like to be very young and very far from home. The way he was lured from the Western Saloon and murdered would be 1st degree murder in the States and would carry the worst punishment available in our justice system.

  3. Kathleen Avatar

    Thanks for writing William. It’s interesting to me that you consider it a “slap in the face” of *my* face — it’s not. How long someone else suffers in prison does not bring Eddie back, or change how my mother’s life unfolded in the decades after Eddie’s death. Or how my own has unfolded.

    I appreciate your comments, but it sounds like we have different opinions about how people can respond to violence.

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