Multnomah County Safety Survey

Oh, so I just heard about the online survey today, but maybe they’ll extend it — a really difficult-to-answer survey about how the county should be spending money on crime and public safety:

The county has taken a big hit over the last decade for jail funding. At this point close to half of the funds they get from property taxes are going to law enforcement activities. If we don’t rein this in, the jail will eventually be the only business the county is in. Look, here’s a picture to explain it (from the County):

Multnomah County 2006-7 Property Tax Spending

See the quarter? See where almost half the quarter goes? And we’re not even running all the jail beds we have. Imagine how expensive that will be!

So tell the county that you want to see them spend money on programs that are less expensive and more effective than the jail. Peace and justice begins here at home with our local governments.
Oh, and warning — grab your calculator, because the survey expects you to do some pretty complicated math (“Divide 100 among these many different types of programs to show us where your priorities are.”) What were they thinking?

But, do it anyway! Quick, go right now, before you get distracted by something else on the Internet:






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