Call-in Day for Reasonable Immigration Policies

The AFSC has called for call-in days September 6th and 7th to urge the Senate to reject the latest cruel and unusual immigration bill. Both Senators Wyden and Smith near to hear from us on this.

  • Please say NO to S. 1984! – I urge you to oppose the Immigration Enforcement and Border Security Act of 2007 (S. 1984). More fences, walls, detention centers, agents and rounding up immigrants at their homes and workplaces are not the answer.
  • Please SUPPORT Congressional oversight of DHS’s SSA “no match” letter policy including employer liability for employment discrimination and the complaint process.
  • Please say YES to constructive immigration reform that includes a path to permanent residency and citizenship, restores due process rights, stops the militarization of the southern border, and ensures humane policies that keep families together.

I wrote about this issue at Texas Prison Bid’ness last month, about a different Republican variation on the theme of scapegoating immigrants. These proposals are not only poorly conceived but also quite expensive.
So call our Senators to tell them what you think about immigration bills that criminalize families:

Senator Ron Wyden: (503) 326-7525 in Portland or (202) 224-5244 in D.C.

Senator Gordon Smith: (503) 326-3386 in Portland or (202) 224-3753 in D.C.






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