No Nukes… and these no nukes folks will text you

Wow, I guess I really do have an opinion about every issue under the sun… including nuclear energy.

I refuse to be fooled by people who are suddenly forgetting all the dangers and problems of nuclear energy because they are concerned about global climate change. Creating more nuclear waste is not going to save us. Neither is subsidizing the nuclear industry to the tune of $50 billion dollars of federal funding over the next two years (is this what we’re getting instead of S-CHIP?)

The nice folks at will hook you up with your congress members and even text message you when it’s time to turn up the heat to stop this ridiculous subsidy.







2 responses to “No Nukes… and these no nukes folks will text you”

  1. Eric McErlain Avatar

    Don’t believe the hype!

  2. Kathleen Avatar

    So, I see you have an email address at What is your role there, Eric? Are you, by any chance, paid to visit blogs that are critical of nuclear energy and post comments?

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