Polar Bears Go to the Capitol, Get Arrested

Yesterday the No War, No Warming folks descended on the Capitol for some civil disobedience. Here’s a video of some of the protesters, dressed as polar bears, as they make their way to our nation’s center of government. These bears can rhyme:


and then here’s more on the bears, and some protesters getting arrested:


Some commentary from David Swanson, who was there and notes:

Oil towers and windmills in Independence Avenue, all the doors to Congressional Office Buildings blocked, music blasting, dancing polar bears, a faux Blackwater patrol, a reborn SDS, traffic blocked by a wall of kids, everyone arrested, traffic restarted, another group blocking the street again, including Ted Glick who still hasn’t eaten, corporate reporters and staffers annoyed they can’t get across the street but rather uninterested in why,

All this is building up to the big marches across the country this Saturday. Visit http://www.oct27.org to find the one near you.







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