Wexler signs up 100,000 folks for impeachment this week

And I’ve signed on to his call to impeach Cheney as well. I’ve been slow to sign onto impeachment hearings, because they didn’t seem that likely to be helpful in dealing with Bush. I mean, what if he was impeached and removed from office as a result? Dick Cheney could potentially become president… oh, wait, unless Cheney gets impeached first! Now there’s an idea….

And why not impeach the vice president? After all, the president is so busy vetoing legislation, he hardly has the time. Bush has managed to spend most of 2007 pushing the D’s around, so the impeachment hearings might wind up with him asking them questions. But Vice President Cheney, he doesn’t hold the sway of Bush (one clue: no matter how low Bush’s approval goes, Cheney’s is always lower). Impeachment hearings of VP Cheney could get us lots of useful information about how we wound up illegally invading Iraq (yes, some of us still care that the invasion was illegal). Impeachment does not have to mean forcing someone out of office, it just means a chance to ask questions and find out more about what this administration’s choices and actions:

impeachment (a formal document charging a public official with misconduct in office) (thanks, wordnet)

And yes, I think Kucinich is a wise and wonderful politician, and I feel like I want to give him his due for pushing impeachment all this time. But why not try supporting this newest call for impeachment led by Wexler? He is secure in his district and so perhaps not as easy to discourage as the average Democrat. He was so confident last year that Colbert got him to say a bunch of ludicrous statements on national TV.

But, don’t hold that against him. Watch his new video for why it’s time to impeach Cheney. Read his Oped about how this is the duty of Congress. Sign onto the latest call for impeachment hearings of Vice President Cheney and the buildup to the invasion of Iraq, and tell your friends to as well.







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