Send Helicopoters to Darfur for UN/African Union Mission

Whew! It was nice taking a break from the Internet. A week after returning from vacation, I finally got my in box down to a reasonable number, then one day offline took care of that. But, in my sea of messages this AM, I did see a quick request from The peacekeeping mission in Darfur — an effort that is a combination of UN forces and African Union forces — has begun to deploy to Darfur, but does not have any helicopters for transport. This mission is in concert with a number of diplomatic and conciliatory efforts, aimed at ending the genocidal violence in Sudan, and has the supposed support of the security council, yet the UN Secretary-General’s repeated requests for helicopters have not gotten the equipment this mission needs.

So take a quick minute to nudge our administration to send helicopters — they several quick options for action, including a petition you can sign, or a means to send an email to the White House. I chose to send an email, and pointed out in it that George Bush’s office wrote to me last fall to tell me he was very committed to action on Darfur to end the violence there. So, presumably, he cares. And of all the people in the world who have access to military transportation, he’s pretty well connected.  So ask him to send the helicopters — we’ve got them.







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