Sign onto AFSC’s Cost of War campaign

The Friends are on Facebook with their Cost of War campaign, and they sent me a message with a link to their new short video comparing one day of spending on the occupation of Iraq with our needs here at home. Schools, housing, school lunches, health care — these are all the things that we supposedly can’t afford, even while we spend $720 million per day on an illegal, immoral occupation and our economy suffers.

Take 1 minute, 46 seconds to watch their video, then take ten seconds to sign their petition to Congress. Or maybe you want to select a different Friends-sponsored activity:

  • Use their Friends for Peace site to make yourself a little peace sign, take a picture of yourself holding it, then upload to their web-based slide show.
  • Visit the Eyes Wide Open exhibit site. (It’s been to Oregon). The exhibit is sad and hard to look at, but a great opportunity to talk with people about the human toll of the war.
  • If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, check out their local actions page.

AFSC just has so many excellent programs, and are so thoughtful about approaching the roots of problems. You may also want to check out their peacebuilding/conflict resolution program.






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