Why Provoke Iran? Do We Need More Wars?

No, we don’t need a war with Iran. As if we haven’t created enough problems occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, now we’re going to blockade Iran? What purpose does a blockade serve except to provoke them? True Majority sent me this action alert about opposing HR 362. And United for Peace and Justice has called for three days of action, July 19-21.

All this comes on the heels of the New Yorker article that came out earlier this month about how we’re spending $400 million to destabilize the government of Iran, and look around for nuclear weapons that our own intelligence assessments say don’t seem to exist.

And of course, here in Portland, we have already passed a public declaration of our opposition to military action against Iran. We passed it last March and then we reiterated it to our congressional delegation in June.

And yet, they need to be reminded more. To keep track of the status of HR 362, I’m found a widget from Open Congress:

Don’t attack Iran!



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