Avaaz Takes Action on the London G20 Summit

919_916_london_green-hat-demoThe G-20 Summit, which is happening in London next week, will bring together decision-makers from the world’s largest (non-corporate) economies to talk about global fiscal policies.  Sounds dry, I know, but it has a lot to do with the boat we’re all in: a global climate crisis and the many human crises connected to our collapsing global financial markets.

Avaaz, as usual, has offered an opportunity to take action. Sign a petition Avaaz will submit to the summit leaders. From Avaaz:

The world is in economic meltdown, and leaders are meeting at the crucial G20 London Summit next week to decide what to do. It’s time to tell them they can’t continue with business as usual — they have to fix the system and build a more sustainable future.

Demand the G20 put people first — sign the emergency petition below and our worldwide call will be carried to the streets by tens of thousands of people marching through central London, wearing green hard hats and carrying banners and flags to symbolise green jobs and a sustainable recovery. Then, next week, we’ll deliver the petition directly to summit officials and leaders.

Not that anyone should need more motivation to take action, but I’ll point out two incentives:

  1. When you go to the petition page, they have a super-cool animation of little green people gathering to show progress on the petition (I confess to being fascinated by little trinkets like that)
  2. When you submit the petition, you get to take an Avaaz survey where they lay out different approaches to the global financial crisis and you get to vote.  I found it informative and it helped me think about, well, what I think about what we should be doing and why.

They always have interesting informative action options, so if you have not signed up for Avaaz, I highly recommend it.




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