Protect Oregon’s Air Quality and Family Farmers

Two groups I work with at my day job created action pages on today.

Oregon Toxics Alliance has an action page to tell DEQ to keep the ban on field burning that the 2009 Legislature passed. Their page explains the problems with field burning pretty well — these folks really know their stuff when it comes to clean air and water.

Back the Ban: Uphold Restrictions on Field Burning in Oregon

Then, just a couple hours later, I got a ping from Oregon Rural Action that they’ve created an action page to support the amendment to the new food safety bill in Congress. The bill is needed, but it’s going to saddle family farmers with crushing fees and regulatory hurdles. The farmers at my local farmers market should *not* be treated the same as DelMonte. So I signed that one too.

Keep Small Farms Safe in the Food Safety Bill

I’ve been blogging so much less, but pondering getting restarted — there’s just so much to say about what people are doing to change the world. I’ll either start posting again in earnest, or sign off for good.







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    Barrrrrry A

    Thank you, and please don’t stop blogging. Your opinions and insight are really valuable!

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