Reining in Oil Companies

Cleaned up pelican from Gulf of Mexico, courtesy of GreenpeaceI have a complex relationship with oil companies. On the one hand, I purchase their products and use them. I drive my car less than the average, but still do drive, and I ride in planes, and sometimes in busses. But I also despise these corporations’ behavior. I want them to stop despoiling the environment, manipulating people and causing harm to human beings with their product.

Just because I still drive doesn’t mean that I can’t tell them to change their ways. Actually, I’m pretty sure it means I *can* tell them to change their ways, because I’m a long-term customer. So, things I can do this week:

Tell Congress to stop even talking about giving BP a bailout.

Look at the True Cost of Chevron and send the message to Chevron that people want them to clean up their act — while they are in Houston this week for their annual shareholder meeting.

Do the right thing when I am using gas: stop idling, and remind the person pumping my gas to not top off. More about why/how these small changes will mean that I am using slightly less gas and giving gas station workers a break at

The photo of the cleaned-up Gulf Coast pelican above is from the photostream that Greenpeace has up on Flickr. Thanks for all you’re doing over there, Greenpeace!







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