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  • Am I unsafe, uncomfortable, or somewhere unfamiliar?

    Am I unsafe, uncomfortable, or somewhere unfamiliar?

    I find that so far, my 2017 has had a lot of moments that are unfamiliar or uncomfortable. I’ve had to remind myself to keep thinking, because it’s important to distinguish those feelings from what is actually a problem: when I’ve crossed the line into a situation when I’m unsafe. Why does this matter so […]

  • Taking Action in Support of People in Gaza

    The attack of the flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza has brought attention to the crisis there. Some useful links: Democracy Now has, as usual, great reporting, including interviews with people who were on the ship. Avaaz has set up a page for people to sign a petition to the UN calling for an international […]

  • Protect Oregon’s Air Quality and Family Farmers

    Two groups I work with at my day job created action pages on today. Oregon Toxics Alliance has an action page to tell DEQ to keep the ban on field burning that the 2009 Legislature passed. Their page explains the problems with field burning pretty well — these folks really know their stuff when […]

  • Another Portland-Iran Solidarity Rally Tuesday

    Got this from Gabi’s blog: Local folks are calling for another vigil in solidarity with the people of Iran. This vigil will be Tuesday, June 23 at 7 PM in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Thanks also, Gabi, for posting this LA Times article about the death of Neda Agha-Soltan, who was killed on the street in […]

  • Things we can do to end the violence in Gaza

    I was at a gathering in support of Israel at Temple Beth Israel on Monday evening, which was well-attended. I went there to listen more than anything else, and I know that some others there, similar to me, were of the mind that we can support Israel but recognize that these recent military actions are […]

  • Free the Shministim (Free the Twelfth-Graders)

    I just learned about a call for a day of action (next week, December 18) in support of young Israeli citizens who are refusing to serve in the military. These young conscientious objectors (twelfth-graders, or  shministim) wind up in jail in Israel for their refusal to serve as part of the military force in the […]