Portlanders Are Going to Fort Lewis Today

Today, Feb 5, Lt Watada is at his court martial for his conscientious stand against the illegal occupation of Iraq. I know a busful of folks are going up from Portland, but I have to work today, so I couldn’t go. I’ll link to an outcome of the court martial when it’s available.

In the meantime, it’s always a good idea to email Gordon Smith and remind him that Oregon is against any troop escalation. He is becoming more vocal, but needs some prompting to do the right thing. It’s time we stopped sending soldiers to Iraq, and guns, and bombs, and Bradleys, and instead focused on political and diplomatic solutions. We can appeal to the shared interest of the region and the world for peace and stability in Iraq.

I’m amazed that so many military officers are willing to go to Iraq… at some point, Lt Watada hopefully won’t be the only person willing to stand up for our Constitution and our way of life.

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3,000 US soldiers dead… and counting

This week I went to the Interfaith service at the First Unitarian Church to mark the 3,000 dead US soldiers in the Iraqi occupation. The church was packed–I got there right as the service was starting and every pew was full. I wound up standing in the back with quite a few other people. The service was short and respectful, and they made sure to mention that the 3,000 deaths are only US soldiers, it does not acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead. We lit candles and sang songs that I didn’t recognize (I asked someone about one song and she said it was an anti-Vietnam War song). There  was one news camera there, and I know that the next day someone told me they heard about it on KINK.

And there’s also the die-in scheduled for this Saturday at Pioneer Courthouse Square at noon. Don’t know much about it besides that.