Category: Energy Issues

  • Reining in Oil Companies

    I have a complex relationship with oil companies. On the one hand, I purchase their products and use them. I drive my car less than the average, but still do drive, and I ride in planes, and sometimes in busses. But I also despise these corporations’ behavior. I want them to stop┬ádespoiling the environment, […]

  • I Almost Bought the Story of Stuff at Powell’s Last Night

    What a treat to see Annie Leonard at Powell’s last night talking about the new The Story of Stuff book. Powell’s ran out of copies for sale, so I left empty-handed even though I was all set to buy it. I’ll have to trot down there later for a copy. Leonard’s approach to engaging people […]

  • Shame on Big Oil

    The site Shame on Big Oil has excellent resources, including a Take Action section, a running counter of Big Oil profits (so, for example, it projects Big Oil profits at over $3,000 per second), and a great Mark Fiore cartoon: Oil’s Well that Ends Well.

  • The Story of Stuff

    You know, part of what pushes us to invade and attempt to control other countries like Iraq is our voracious appetite for stuff. What I think of as “our way of life” which is about freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom to protest is often overshadowed by our “freedom to buy.” And how […]

  • Polar Bears Go to the Capitol, Get Arrested

    Yesterday the No War, No Warming folks descended on the Capitol for some civil disobedience. Here’s a video of some of the protesters, dressed as polar bears, as they make their way to our nation’s center of government. These bears can rhyme: and then here’s more on the bears, and some protesters getting arrested: […]

  • No Nukes… and these no nukes folks will text you

    Wow, I guess I really do have an opinion about every issue under the sun… including nuclear energy. I refuse to be fooled by people who are suddenly forgetting all the dangers and problems of nuclear energy because they are concerned about global climate change. Creating more nuclear waste is not going to save us. […]