Category: Environment

  • No one Should Kill or Die for my Smartphone

    Even though I have a fair amount of gadgets (MacBook Pro, G1 smartphone, Lumix camera, Flip, the list goes on…), I have not done a great job tracking the impact of buying and using them. Well, it’s time for me to make sure that my enjoyment of these things doesn’t cost other people their lives. […]

  • Reining in Oil Companies

    I have a complex relationship with oil companies. On the one hand, I purchase their products and use them. I drive my car less than the average, but still do drive, and I ride in planes, and sometimes in busses. But I also despise these corporations’ behavior. I want them to stop┬ádespoiling the environment, […]

  • Protect Oregon’s Air Quality and Family Farmers

    Two groups I work with at my day job created action pages on today. Oregon Toxics Alliance has an action page to tell DEQ to keep the ban on field burning that the 2009 Legislature passed. Their page explains the problems with field burning pretty well — these folks really know their stuff when […]