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  • “Criminals,” “Illegals,” “Terrorists” and #AllLivesMatter

    “Criminals,” “Illegals,” “Terrorists” and #AllLivesMatter

    My heart broke just a little bit more every time I saw the reactionary #AllLivesMatter hashtag. Because mostly, white people were using it as a rude rebuke to undermine the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag. That’s sad on so many levels. And of course, all lives do matter, so I think we should take over the #AllLivesMatter hashtag,…

  • May Day 2009: Marching for Immigrant Rights

    I managed to make it to May Day Immigration events in both Salem and Portland yesterday! With 3,000 in Salem and a couple thousand in Portland, both were great events. KATU had a great story on the Salem march. Here’s my photos from each that I posted on Flickr: May Day 2009 in Salem May…

  • Don’t Deport Me Scotty

    Wow — a Star Trek spoof as a political education tool — now we’re talking!

  • Sam Adams cowing to Lars Larson on anti-immigrant hysteria

    I caught on the CAUSA blog (mind you, they are one of my clients) the clip of Sam Adams on the Lars Larson show, pandering to Lars as he comes up with his latest scheme to invent some problem that can be solved by picking on immigrants. “No city contracts to anyone who can’t prove…