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  • The Value of a Broken Heart

    The Value of a Broken Heart

    These are the remarks I shared during Yom Kippur services 5778 at Kolot Chayeinu at the request of the dear Rabbi Ellen Lippmann. This was part of the Unetaneh Tokef, the prayer that talks about the Book of Life and the sacred power of the day. The Rabbi and I discussed sharing my experience (with my…

  • Six Word Memoirs From U.S. Vets

    Iraq and Afghanistan Vets of America (IAVA) has teamed up with the six-word memoir folks have launched a six-word memoir project for vets. There are only a few, but they definitely tell a story. I hope they keep making them.

  • Free the Shministim (Free the Twelfth-Graders)

    I just learned about a call for a day of action (next week, December 18) in support of young Israeli citizens who are refusing to serve in the military. These young conscientious objectors (twelfth-graders, or  shministim) wind up in jail in Israel for their refusal to serve as part of the military force in the…

  • Letter from a Marine Mom

    Last month I got to meet the mother of a Marine whose life has been changed forever by her son’s experiences as part of the occupation.  She explains part of it in this brief digital story: Click To Play

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