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  • Who would still bomb Iran? Someone not in touch with reality

    True Majority has collected direct quotes from presidential candidates about who would still bomb Iran now that our own intelligence community has compiled a wide swath of information that indicates Iran does not appear to be pursuing nuclear weapons at this time. (The True Majority report requires that you confirm that you really are a […]

  • Once he died in Iraq, Suarez became a U.S. citizen

    Fernando Suarez’ son Jesus was killed just a few days into the invasion of Iraq in March, 2003 under unclear circumstances — possibly the unintentional victim of a U.S. cluster bomb. Since then, Suarez has founded the Aztec Warrior Peace Project to speak to young Latinos about the real dangers of military life and military […]

  • Latest human rights report from Iraq reveals a nightmare

    The UN Assistance Mission in Iraq released their latest report earlier this month, relaying a grim vision of the violence and deaths that are part of daily life in Iraq since our invasion. The report covers a wide range of human rights issues in the period from April – June of this year: Killings of […]