Category: Things That Amuse Me

  • I’m staying up too late watching Colbert

    I have not been posting lately, but I’ve been staying up late to watch Colbert. My two most recent favorites: Colbert Does Wyoming (Colbert taunts the U.S. Representative from Wyoming)—wyoming-s-at-large—cynthia-lummis Colbert Takes on the “Rand Illusion” A brilliant segment on the right-wing call to look out for yourself in these difficult times—03-11-09

  • Don’t Deport Me Scotty

    Wow — a Star Trek spoof as a political education tool — now we’re talking!

  • Zoos and Prisons… Together Thanks to the Onion

    Quite a satire from the Onion… SAN DIEGO—Plagued by a lack of funding and growing staff shortages, the San Diego Zoo and Ironwood State Prison were combined earlier this week, bringing local inmates and wildlife together for the first time under the same roof. The new state-of-the-art facility—which will house 12 separate cell blocks, a…

  • Biggest Drawing in the World

    This is a work of fictional art… but it is darn cool looking:

  • Better Know a Gay Lobbyist

    Stephen Colbert has topped himself with his “Better Know a Lobbyist” interview of Joe Solmonese of the Human Rights Campaign. They cover such fertile ground as: “Are you gay for Huckabee?” “If gay marriage becomes legal, what’s to stop a gay man from coming into my house and gay-marrying me? Marriage is forever.” Take five…

  • Selling us Iraq

    My friend Jeannie told me about this MadTV skit from earlier this year about the “Apple I Rack” and so I had to see it for myself: (I embedded it, but it wrecked my layout, so you’ll have to go over to YouTube.)