November 30

  • For Christmas, let’s remember what’s fundamentally Christian

    My wife is Jewish, and I was raised Catholic (confirmed and all) but I’m no longer a practicing Catholic. Even so, I find myself explaining some of the finer points of Christianity in our household. That’s because there are so many supposedly Christian folk who do very unkind and ungenerous things. Since my wife is […]

  • Nelson Mandela: Both World Leader and Convicted Criminal

    Nelson Mandela: Both World Leader and Convicted Criminal

    In hearing people talk about the passing of President Nelson Mandela, I’ve noticed that people don’t use the word “convicted criminal” to describe him, presumably out of respect. But “world leader” and “convicted criminal” are both chapters of his story. We act as if one term describes his greatness and the other is a blemish […]

  • Iran: Where the story starts matters

    I got to hear a great piece about Iran on WNYC yesterday: Robin Wright gave an insightful interview on what the approaching inauguration of the new Iranian president could mean for U.S.-Iran relations, especially given that the U.S. House has voted to yet again renew and deepen economic sanctions against Iran. Wright mentions that the relationship […]

  • Remember: a criminal conviction is not justice

    When I found out that George Zimmerman had been acquitted of all charges in the death of Trayvon Martin, I had the feeling of having someone reach in and pull my stomach out of my body. Then I realized something was wrong. I couldn’t believe that I was the person hoping that Zimmerman would be […]

  • Yes, this is like Minority Report, but not like you think

    Yes, this is like Minority Report, but not like you think

    How awful to use the phrase, “cannibal cop” but if you’re in NYC, odds are you know what I’m talking about: Gilberto Valle, convicted this week for conspiracy to commit kidnapping. I can’t comment on any of the specifics of the case, although it is true that the phrase “ugly thoughts” doesn’t begin to describe […]

  • What was really missing from the movie “Lincoln”

    Like many people, I found the movie Lincoln absorbing. And, overall, there were two glaring omissions that pained me. First off, yes, I was transported by the great performances by the lead actors, and a bunch of the supporting cast as well (I especially liked Tommy Lee Jones as the white abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens). I […]